A Star Appears--Milton Imitation

by Connor Anderson

Shepherds in the field, wise men on the road
Normally a moon fills up the night sky
Now a shining celestial figure.
The dark blank canvas, now filled with brightness
Paints the open dark, to a warm shining.
The hard road turned soft, after bathing in
Its warm light. The open fields luminous,
This object like hydra, multiplying
With heads of stars doubling as if re-
Born. A directed flawless beam shown on
One. One whom which resembles in beauty.
The one ruler of the world, shown as the
Ruler and dominant force of the night.
A light who can pierce the darkness itself.
This star continuous in all it stands
For, lights the way for all who are searching,
Kings and shepherds alike, wise-men in all
All united together on a road
A path to something greater, a life,
More luminous than any moon-lit sky.
Just as David slew goliath, this star
Throws its stone of light, to the goliath
Of a never ending sea of starlight;
Painting a canvas as a guide in which
Many will follow. Not paved with marble,
No solemn garden of Eden to roam
Road darkened thus silenced. Waiting, appeared
Then instead a legion of the angels,
From the star-lit sky above descended
Singing songs of praise “A child is given!”
As if the celestial sky portrayed.
A mother moon gives birth to a brighter
Purpose. The star of wonder beyond the
Galaxy, a monumental figure;
Shown as a small tranquil light, offering
A peace, on a road of such suffering.
Peace in which will shine on all men now beams
On one just as luminous. light never
Dimming, but always shining. With herding
Shepherds in flocks, and the wise men afar
Wandering as if Odysseus, there
looking for the way to greater homestead.
Navigating through a sea of stars, in
Which one must only find the brightest. To
Find the way home. Away from trouble a
Way from fight. Moving towards a greater light.
Away from danger, and on direction
Following what can only be described
As a guide, as Beatrice to Dante
Is this star to all from afar, showing
Them a light, greater than paradiso.
For anyone can follow this flicker
Of heaven coming down as a small light
Which outshines them all, being a leader
In the simplest form. All see it, only
Some act on it, leaving the star-lit path
And walking away from light into dark.
Not knowing what lies ahead for who can
See with no light. We should not aimlessly
Wander about a dark world, and only
Wonder about the light and where it is.
All one need to do is look back for sense
Of direction. For this light our compass.
This bright outshining light gives us the hope
In a world with no sense of direction.
We need a guide, a light that can save a
People in need. By this star we are healed,
We can go on with our lives knowing that
A star is born. Once lost now found in a
Sky of no end. The people in the dark
Struggle believing in what they can’t see,
now they can see, and refuse to believe.
The light is there, shepherds in the fields,
Wise men on the road, two peoples of the
World look up. Them seeing what can only
Be described as a light, luminous and
Bright. Wise men look from afar to this light
And radiant star, they express “ this light,
As if a dream, guides me to a future,
One of which is uncertain but hopeful.
My camel walks, but there is a final
End, one to run towards and not to look back.
For behind us there an evil doth lies,
Searching maliciously for the light
Of the world, a cross like star ruling from
On top of Calvary. Seeing the scene
Around, where all evil cowers and light
Shown bright, resting on my face fills me to
The brink where overflowing and filled.
Wise men with wonder and discovery
Knowing this beautiful star, set me free.
Looking up with my eyes radiant filled,
With incense in hand, am being drawn to
The king, outshining, marvelous, leader,
A star. Whom which the world will follow. To
The end. All paths have a beginning and
An end, this star is the start of ours, there
Guiding us to a luminous future.”