A Man in the Wind

by Anna Africa

grey winds cringed upon the splintering wood where she sat.
her eyes, with oceans of water gusting upon the shore
where the storming skies grasps the water’s waves.
her mouth melts with -- sorrow? perhaps -- devastation? -- depression?

no, the sorrow was not right, the sorrow was the cause of a different pain.
her throat holds inside the blood curled cries, scraping the surface of the throat.
it stung the warmth of the breath.
her black mind filled with pain, but wonder sparked in the depths.

no more would the grey skies take in the waters
or should her mouth melt with sorrow,
the blood-curled cries dissolved into cooling breath,
its sting turned into the soothing water.
what was this feeling, this spark that lit up?
these soothing waters,

with no more stinging pain.
this cooling breath, with no more wallowing cries.
her eyes even sparkled like the moonlight against the ocean waves.

the sun revealed itself through the storming skies
a warm breeze of comfort swept across her face, she smiled
she wasn’t alone, someone was with her.
she closed her eyes and smiled with delight.

that someone was the one who turned her melting sorrow into a smile.
He was the one who turned her painful cries into the cool warm breath she could breathe.
He made her mind spark the wonder for Him, for fear of Him.
He changed the winds from the grey to a breeze of comfort.
this man that performed a miracle in front of her eyes
and delighted her with the light of Him.